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100% of money raised through merchandise sales will fund Plant Based Treaty campaigns across the globe. This allows us to conduct outreach, public education, lobbying, street activism, research and implement grassroots projects such as community gardens, vegan food giveaways, and more!


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Stop Octopus Farming T-shirt - Black, Unisex

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Support our Stop Octopus Farming campaign and the Plant Based Treaty with this awesome T-shirt. 

Eat Plants, Plant Trees!

100% combed organic cotton and fair-trade.

Please see the sizing chart.

VAT may be applicable on orders to Europe.

Make COP28 Vegan

We are asking the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to show climate action leadership by encouraging the hosts of COP28 to provide 100% plant-based catering and creating a policy for future climate conferences to offer 100% plant-based catering

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STOP Octopus Farming

Join over 100,000 and sign the petition calling on the Governments of Spain and Gran Canaria to intervene and stop the proposed Octopus Farm.

Sign here

Visit www.PlantBasedTreaty.org and join the McCartneys, Moby, Joaquin Phoenix, Sadaa Sayed and IPCC scientists by endorsing the Plant Based Treaty, a bottom up pressure campaign demanding government negotiate a global treaty to accompany the Paris Climate Accords.

PBT Joggers

Promote the Plant Based Treaty in comfort with these sweat pants.

Text reads Plant Based Treaty down one leg and Eat Plants. Plant Trees down the other.

Be a walking billboard and help save the planet!

PBT T-shirt

Tell the world you have endorsed the Plant Based Treaty with the T-shirt.

The back reads Eat Plants, Plant Trees.